Posted on Sun 24 June 2012

Me vs. Miles Davis

Photo by David Denicolò

‘Versus’, ‘vs.’ It’s such an easy word to use to find out what is better... Mac vs. Windows. BBEdit vs. TextMate. Labour vs. Conservative.

I recently bought a CD with two different version of Miles Davis’ ‘Kind of Blue’ on a double CD — one in stereo, the other in mono. It seemed an intriguing idea; one that acknowledged that there is a difference but that both versions have merit.

I enjoy listening to music and, while I may not be a true audiophile, I have a good hi-fi; chosen because I found it involved me in the music more than other systems. Taking time to listen to the two CDs and giving them my full attention, it was really interesting comparing the two recordings. The stereo version isolates individual performers very well but benefits from a little more attention. The mono version seems that little bit warmer and frees me up to enjoy the music in general.

There’s no right answer. Both discs are good version of a great album and if I had to choose to rush into the surf to save one...

I think I would go for the mono version.


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