Posted on Wed 06 April 2016

Nakaya Pens

I watched SBRE Brown’s latest video review of the Nakaya Portable Writer in Heki Tamenuri with some interest. I have a Nakaya fountain pen too, one that I bought two years ago when flush and it has struck me that Stephen has not reviewed many Nakaya pens.


What became clear in his review today is that he admires the craftmanship of the pen’s Urushi enamel but considers the brand over-hyped and over-priced.

Over the last few years I’ve come to a similar conclusion myself. I really enjoy using my Nakaya pen; especially with its ‘elastic’ nib, but have come to appreciate that many other fountain pen makers produce pens that are just as good as Nakaya. I would confidently state that an Omas pen or an Aurora pen are easily the equal of a Nakaya.

As my Maltese father-in-law would say, “that’s why all the cow gets sold!”

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