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The ‘Butterfly’ Bowl

It might not look much but I’m a little sad to see it go.

The Butterfly Bowl

This was the bowl my girls fought over when they were little because they both wanted the ‘butterfly’ bowl. It was one of the items of kitchenware I took from my parents’ house to my …

New Phone Day

We operate a pretty strict food chain of phones here and my daughter’s iPhone had started to become old and unreliable so it was time for my old iPhone 6 to trickle down to her.

I went into the Apple store determined to be sensible and came out with …

Red Oxx Mini Boss

Some time ago I bought a Red Oxx Air Boss and it’s a fantastic travel bag just very slightly too large to be a carry on bag with European airlines.

Red Oxxen

So after much research I’ve decided to buy a .... Red Oxx Mini Boss. Exactly the same thing, just …


I’m slowly turning into my father, carrying all sort of junk and paraphernalia wherever I go. It used to be called stuff but now we glorify it and try to keep our dignity by calling it ‘EDC

The pockets

A rant...

Cicret Bracelet

After someone posted this video on Facebook I took a look at this ‘product’ to see what it is all about. This company are after $500,000 to fund the development of this bracelet during 2016 —and they have nearly achieved it! I can’t believe they are even advertised …

Nakaya Pens

I watched SBRE Brown’s latest video review of the Nakaya Portable Writer in Heki Tamenuri with some interest. I have a Nakaya fountain pen too, one that I bought two years ago when flush and it has struck me that Stephen has not reviewed many Nakaya pens.


What became …

Everyday Water Bottle

I try to drink plenty of water. When I’m at work, in a stuffy office environment, it helps to keep me refreshed and (nearly as important) ensure I get up and move around regularly. In general I find that I feel better if I drink regularly and stay hydrated …



Two well-loved objects.

These two spurtles were a thank-you gift from an anonymous patient when my wife worked in the Fort William casualty. They were made by the donor and we still use them almost every over twenty five years later.

And they help make great porridge!

One year with a Hobonichi


It’s one year since I started using a Hobonichi Techo as my daily planner and to-do list manager and I thought I would write a (not so) short reflection on why it has worked well for me. The Hobonichi is a small A6 daily planner or journal that first …

The Best

Let’s be honest about this post. It's inspired by Ben Brooks page of the same name where he lists of number of products that he considers to be the best. In some ways I’m well-placed to produce a similar list because, when I’m looking to buy something …

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