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Out with the old in with the new

In the last 20 years I’ve worn out two pairs of ‘work’ shoes and today was the day to retire the second of those pairs. Long ago I learned that I could step into a pair of size nine Alfred Sargent Maine shoes and they would fit like a …


Starting my engineering career in the mid-1980s, desktop computers were just starting to appear in general offices but were designed for a single, specific, purpose. I learned to schematic capture circuits using Daisy System workstations running a flavour of Unix called Daisy-DNIX. IBM Personal Computers were around but were …

And speaking of modern...

Citroën DS

Here’s something that has remained ‘modern’ ever since 1955.

My compleat guide to shaving

Shaving Brush

When I think about shaving I’m ambivalent about it — I hate the need to shave regularly but really enjoy the ritual and how my face feels after a really good shave. Some years ago I was treated to a hot towel shave for a birthday and it was the …

Classic Designs

Granny's bottle opener

I’m not a great fan of “top ten” lists but thought I’d make an exception today...

For me a design classic is something that works extremely well for the job it was designed for and it’s hard to see any way to improve it — in a sense …

My hand on a pen

Enveloop Case

This has turned out to be a long blog entry with lots of photos! These are probably my favourite posts to write.

I love fountain pens! I’ve been buying pens since schools days and it’s an obsession that’s got worse since then. Having made the decision to …

Enveloop Pen Case

Enveloop Pen Case
Photos on Flickr are annotated with notes

I’ve been into fountain pens for years now, but always just one pen at a time. I would either have a favourite that I would use, or have others that were just too special to actually use regularly. I was reading Leigh …

Pen For Men

Of all my fountain pens my favourite is my Pen for Men V — a pen that that was “proudly designed for men only.”

It’s not for girls!!!

2011 Discoveries

This year I’ve discovered (or been recommended) some really great stuff. Here’s a summary of some of my favourites.

Happy Hacking Keyboard

I used to use a Happy Hacking Lite keyboard but it fell out of favour for a while. This year I replaced my keyboard with a …

2012 Calendar Wallpaper

2012 1680 x 1050 (Gray)

Updated my ‘calendar’ wallpaper for 2012. Other sizes could be supplied or the original Fireworks file.

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