Posted on Mon 19 August 2013

Tubular Bells

I was lucky enough to be able to go and see a performance of Tubular Bells For Two performed at the Edinburgh Fringe this weekend. As someone who loved listening to original version of the album by Mike Oldfield the chance to see it performed live was not to be missed. This version of the album is played by just two musicians while the original required more than 30 musicians, 20 instruments and more than 2,300 recordings!

I have to take my hat off to anyone who can play a musical instrument but am in awe at musicians with the talent to play two different instruments at the same time while singing. This show is great theatre and the musicians, with so many instruments, having to run from instrument to instrument with split-second timing. Speaking as someone who would happily immerse myself in the original Tubular Bells this is a very faithful recreation, even to the extent of needing a short break to switch the record over to side B.

It’s a show I would quite happily go back to see quite a few times!

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